Thursday, 17 November 2011


You can get the latest version of TrueCrypt (Which is version 7.0a) from here.

Once you download the .exe file and open it, you will be asked to agree with the lisence (which no one cares to read). on the next page of the wizard, you will be asked whether to install or extract. Let me explain, if you are planning on encryption a drive or your boot partition, or if you are planning on using TrueCrypt solely on your computer then choose the install option. If you are instead planning on using this tool on-the-go or on your flash drive then choose the extract option which will allow you to use this software anywhere and everywhere using the truecrypt.exe file.

Once the installation is done, do the following to make an encrypted virtual space for storing all your sensitive data:

1. After clicking the TrueCrypt icon, the main window should appear. Click the Create Volume button.

2. You will be taken to the Volume Creation Wizard. In this step you need to choose where you wish the truecrypt volume to be created. A truecrypt volume can reside in a file, which is also called container, in a partition or drive. In this tutorial we will choose the first option and create a TrueCrypt volume within a file. as the option is already selected, just click next.

3. In the next step, you will be asked whether to create a standard or hidden TrueCrypt volume. for more information on the hidden TrueCrypt volume, just select the ‘more info’ link on the wizard window. for now, lets just create a standard volume

4. Next step, you choose the location. note that it will be similar to any normal file (except for the fact that it can only be opened by TrueCrypt) so please remember that your truecrypt volume can be moved or deleted. You will also need to choose a file name for your volume after choosing the location.

Once the location is sorted, you will be asked to choose the size of your volume, the encryption scheme, a password and also the format of your volume. Choose the ones appropriate for you.

Once you click format, you are finally done! you will be greeted with a pop up windows that says that your volume has been created.

Now all you got to do is go back to the main TrueCrypt window, select any one of the provided drives, click on the select file button and select your volume and then hit Mount. You will be asked for your password, once you input that you can go to My Computer and find your TrueCrypt volume sitting there along side your C: and D: drive. you can just move all your sensitive files to your TrueCrypt volume and once done, select Unmount from the TrueCrypt main window.


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