Thursday, 17 November 2011


Step 1: 1st of all go to and Create a free ftp account and activate it.
Step 2: Download istealer 3.0

Step 3: Extract the download file into you hard drive with winrar Extension or any other compressing/Extracting tool.
Step 4: Open Isteler Exe File.

Step 5: 1st in Host box write
and in login box enter your user name that you create in i did say this in 1st step.

if you wanna bind it with any other software then you can bind if not otherwise blank leave this option.

Step 6: Click on Test Ftp. if open a box with this saying your ftp account work properly. see screenshot.

Step 7: Click on build…

Name the file and your file will be created automatically in the same directory.

Step 8: Send this file to your victim via email or any hosting site, when he/she will open this file. his/her password will upload in your ftp drivehq account.


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