Friday, 18 November 2011


What the things you Need?
1. A Free Account in and there you need a free Host.
2. Lost Door Tool
3. May be you need for Microsft Frame Work (Must Install it Mostly Hacking tools did not work without it.

1. Download Lost Door (Password for Extracting is umerrock)
2. Extract the files in your Hard Drive and Accept it.
3. After it is open, right click on the window and click on create server.
4. Now enter your IP address and DNS here. Leave the rest of the field as it is.
5. Now click on the ‘Options’ tab and choose the options as you want. To activate an offline keylogger is a good practice.
6. Now go to ‘Advanced’ Tab. There will options related to spreading. This will be used in case you have more than 1 victim.
7. Now just go to the ‘Create’ tab and click on create server. Your server is ready for use now and now send it to the victim.
8. After Creating Server Send this File to your Victim, you can upload your server on mediafire and share it with friends and enjoy using his PC…