Saturday, 26 November 2011


  • (5/10) – Searches several databases. Seems to have a large amount of data. My tests have proven this service as quite reliable. Fast.
  • (5/10) – meta-search, works well
  • (4/10)
  • (4/10) – distributed approach. Usable via web and IRC. Free open slots are rare.
  • (4/10) – Contains 171,392,210 unique entries in the database. You can insert new phrases to the database.
  • (4/10) – Currently serving around 810,000 hashes.
  • (4/10)
  • (4/10)
  • (4/10) – Surprised to see an .edu top level domain among this list, aren’t you? This MD5 hash database is operated by the Internet Storm Center.
  • (4/10) – Simple but sufficient interface.
  • (4/10) – Same as Uses a combined technique. Register to increase priority.
  • (4/10) – contains over 500 million hashes (12 GB). The site itself is in French. Enter the MD5 hash to be cracked in the form field labeled “HASH MD5:” and click Déchiffrer
  • (4/10) – Currently serving around 55,000,000 hashes. Fast.
  • (4/10)
  • (3/10) – Reputedly the biggest hash database (4 TB) online. During my tests i could have bought five so called payment-records additionally to the mentioned three findings. So i guess their database is really good.
  • (2/10) – uses a mixed approach (rainbow tables, dictionary attacks etc.)
  • – Currently serving around 170,000 hashes.
  • Strange interface. Long queue.
  • – Bruteforce approach. Seems to have a high success rate but only few free slots available. Register and pay to increase priority.
  • – contains over 750 million hashes. Warning: previously unknown words will be entered into their database and will be “recoverable” for everyone later.
  • – does not use a very own database but a Google Custom Search Engine (CSE). The CSE indexed other websites so it acts as a meta-search engine. But my tests were not very successful.
  • – small service. Around 300,000 hashes in the database.
  • RainbowCrack – rainbow table implementation that supports multiple codecs like LM, NTLM and MD5
  • Cain & Abel – in my opion the most advanced password cracker for Windows available to the public


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