Saturday, 26 November 2011


Things are eventually moving into the clouds. So are cracking services too. An example is the WPA Cracker as a SaaS service. Now, we have another alternative – MOSCRACK a multifarious on-demand systems cracker.

Moscrack is a Perl application designed to facilitate cracking WPA keys on a cluster of computers. This is accomplished with Mosix clustering software and/or simple ssh connectivity. Cluster nodes can run any Unix variant (including Cygwin). This means that you can run Moscrack even on Windows operating systems! Currently it has only been used with Mosix (clustering software) and SSH nodes. It works by reading a word list from STDIN or a file, breaking it into chunks and passing those chunks off to separate processes that run in parallel. The parallel processes can then execute on different nodes in your cluster. All results are checked (to a degree) and recorded on your master node. Logging, error handling, etc… are all handled for you. Moscrack is designed to be run for long periods of time (days/weeks/etc.). It’s current feature list states:

* Based on Aircrack-NG
* CUDA is untested but may be possible
* Easily supports a large number of nodes
* Designed to run for long periods of time
* Doesn’t exit on errors/failures when possible
* Supports mixed OS/protocol configurations
* Effectively handles mixed fast and slow nodes
* Effectively handles mixed fast and slow links
* Forked design
* Architecture independent
* Uses standard protocols and utilities
* Supports Mosix
* Supports all popular operating systems as processing nodes
* Node prioritization based on speed
* Online configuration of nodes list
* Failed/bad node throttling
* Reprocessing of data on error
* Automatic performance tuning
* Does not require an agent on nodes
* Very verbose, doesn’t hide anything
* Logs key to file if found
* Logs output from nodes on error
* Includes a friendly status viewer (mosctop)
* Includes an optional basic X11 GUI

Moscrack contains an experimental GUI that hasn’t been used/tested very much. It has been tested on the following operating systems:

* Ubuntu Linux 10.10 x86 64bit & 32bit
* CentOS Linux 5.5 x86 32bit
* FreeBSD 8.1 x86 64bit
* Windows Vista Business 64bit w/Cygwin 1.7.7-1
* Mac OS X 10.5.6 (iPC OSx86)
* Solaris Express 11 x64
* iPhone 3g iOS 3.2.1 (Jailbroken)

Oh yes! You read it perfectly alright! It DOES work on an iPhone! Okay, it also needs a bit of a setup overhead. Details of the same can be read here. Since it supports a distributed nature, things could be difficult to handle. That’s why, Moscrack also includes a separate tool for monitoring it’s activity. It’s called – Moscrack Monitoring Tool, that displays data in a fashion similar to Unix “top”, thus the name “mosctop“. It also needs a few Perl libraries, that can be found in the read me document.

Download moscrack from here: Download


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